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Let's make houses more sustainable, and gardens and walls more attractive.

Would you like to have a full range of specially created Wall Design, Home Improvement and Garden Elements products?

Products you can have supplied 24/7 from our 100,000-sq. m. warehouse to your shop or direct to your customer? Do you want to benefit from Dutch-made products, supported by product training and in-store presentations? And go beyond tomorrow's needs of your customers.


Do you truly want to work together to satisfy your customers?


We are ready

As with the start of any relationship, the terms of the partnership must be clear to make sure we have the same purpose in mind. We started out as a family business and we do things with care. We believe in long-term relationships: partnerships in which everyone thrives on enjoyment, results and efficiency.

Decor Son has been part of Morssinkhof Group since 2019

Morssinkhof groep

Trade - best partnership

Decor Son puts all it efforts into becoming the best possible partner by sharing its knowledge and offering comprehensive solutions. We aim to achieve optimum results together. Expert advice and support as in the elements below play an important part here.

  • Category managers analyse the day-to-day business and trendwatchers look for the future needs of consumers. This results in a range that meets tomorrow’s demand.
  • It is inspiring content that drives people to improve their homes. It is the information that help people to actually do the job. This is an important part of offering the best support. This content is accessible using our online information system.
  • Together we regularly analyse results and adapt our plan accordingly to always  go for maximum success.

Production - craftmanship

The current Decor Son product range consists of more than 3,000 items shared among the three divisions: Wall Design, Home Improvement en Garden Elements. Our products are largely produced at one of our seven production facilities in the Netherlands.

Our Research & Development department sets high production standards for these items, including their quality, safety and sustainability. The products are thoroughly tested by our experts, so they always comply with the requirements set. The careful formation of the product range means Decor Son is able to offer the best products

for a fair price.


01. Production of stonestrips

Different types of raw materials are needed for the production of stone strips. Sand, gravel, water and additives are the basis: these substances are all mixed together to form an emulsion. Before the emulsion is poured into a mould, the mould is injected with a specific colour. The moulds then go into the drying room for 24 hours and after the drying process is completed the stone strips are taken out of the moulds and packed.

Sand bagging

02. Sand and Gravel bagging

Each year over four million bags of sand and gravel are bagged at our Son production facility. This is an enormous job. The success of the operation depends on the preparation. We start out by carefully selecting the raw materials. When they arrive we use customer specific call-off bag planning. For some products or customers we first pass the raw materials through the sieve machine. Play sand for children is a product that may not contain any impurities. Finally, the sand or gravel is packed and transported to the required location – ready to use!

Parasol base tiles

03. Production of parasol base tiles

Decor Son produces robust and high-quality strong parasol base tiles in-house. Sand, gravel and water are the basic raw materials for creating a strong concrete mix. This mix is poured into moulds before the moulds are transferred to the drying room. As soon as the drying process has finished, the parasol base tiles are removed from the moulds, packed, and prepared for transport. 

Plaster stonestrips

04. Production of plaster

Plaster has the big advantage of being lightweight – making it easier to transport – and is easy to use during processing. Decor Son produces special composed plaster that consists of A and B minerals.

After mixing the plaster in a mixing drum with water and colouring agents, the moulds are filled before the setting process begins, which takes 30 minutes. After this process the stones are removed from the moulds and taken to the drying room. The stones are dried for approximately 40 hours at a temperature of 90 degrees, before being packed and prepared for transport. 

wall blocks

05. Perfectly straight wall blocks and stones

Our wall blocks arrive as semi-manufactured products at one of our production facilities. Natural granulate, one of the most important ingredients of these blocks, ensures that the colours in the stone really stand out.

Once the production process is completed, the wall blocks undergo a drying process lasting two days, after which the blocks have 28 days to harden on the storage site. Drying and hardening is essential, as this enables the shears to cut the blocks perfectly straight and the cutter passes neatly through the granulate, creating beautiful colour tones in the wall blocks.

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Logistics - where and when you want it


A highly driven team and smart digital solutions are the foundations of our logistical organisation, where we process an enormous quantity of orders from national and international retail and e-commerce partners every day. Regardless of the size of your order, as your partner we help you find the best solution. Our priority is to make maximum use of the transport capacity for each transport option. With our solution-oriented thinking, we are able to deliver 24/7 from our 100,000-sq. m. warehousing facility, offering the most favourable possible terms. The end result is shops being supplied with sufficient stock, and consumers receiving their items in time and at the chosen location. Where and when you want it. We Deliver.

Decor Son Hp Logistiek Vrachtwagen Dcorson Kleuren 2Divisies
Decor Son Hp Logistiek Vrachtwagen Dcorson Kleuren 2Divisies

Our divisions

Our current product range, which we largely produce ourselves, is subdivided into three divisions: Wall Design, Garden Elements and Home Improvement. The subdivision enables us to provide specialist knowledge while offering comprehensive solutions. 


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