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The Garden Elements division is dedicated to the construction, renovation and organisation of green projects. The carefully designed range consists of sands, gravels, concrete and ceramic paved surfaces, concrete elements, construction wood, fencing, artificial turf, etc. Years of experience and cooperation with gardeners and retailers mean the team at Garden Elements can offer our customers the perfect specialist advice and support.

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Garden drainage



Decor Son supplies different types of sand, including fill sand, paving sand, solid-base sand, play sand, etc. We fill all sands bags ourselves and the sands are also sieved if required. For play sand, for example, it is very important that the sand contains no impurities, so children can play safely.

Did you know?

Last year we bagged more than four million bags of sand.


The gravels from Decor Son are sourced from Dutch land. We supply all types and sizes of gravel, including Bali gravel, Basalt split, Carrara white, etc. The great diversity of colours and sizes means the gravel is perfectly suitable for just about any small street and garden. Gravels are usually used for drives, parking spaces and gardens.

Did you know?

Gravel originates from the erosion of solid bedrock. The solid stone is transported and deposited by rivers.

Wood Flare

The wood range from Decor Son consists of naturally dried hardwood, kiln dried hardwood, kindling wood, briquettes and more. The wood products bear the FSC® quality mark, which demonstrates that the wood comes from properly managed forests, making it a responsible choice. Part of the profits from the wood is allocated to planting new forests.

Did you know?

The fireplace products have less than 18% moisture, making them easily flammable.

garden drainage

The Netherlands has to cope with a lot of flooding, therefore it is very important to have a good drainage system installed. A garden or green project can be drained in different ways. Decor Son offers a number of solutions such as fitting drainage mats, recharge wells, hydro blobs, rainwater buffer tanks, etc.

Did you know?

Decor Son is highly innovative in the field of garden drainage. Looking for a solution to flooding? Explain your situation to us, so we can find a solution together.


Edging is used to neatly enclose paved surfaces to prevent slits or holes in the paved surfaces, while it also gives the garden, street or pavement a tidy appearance. Decor Son offers different types of edging in concrete.

Sand and gravels sourced in the Netherlands

The range of sands and gravels is sourced from Dutch land and bagged at our own production facility. By bagging the sands and gravels ourself, we comply with the highest of quality requirements. This also enables us to meet the customers' demand. We supply 20kg bags of gravel, 25kg bags of sand, and also 1,000kg large bags with sand for more substantial jobs. 

Zand Op Band IMG 0857 P1233425 Uitsnede
Zand Op Band IMG 0857 P1233425 Uitsnede
Thoroughly testing all of our products means we can meet the highest of quality standards.
Sebastian Tiemann
Production leader

Our own production

The Garden Elements range consists of different products we produce ourselves. Read more about bagging sands and gravels, and about the production of concrete parasol base tiles and wall blocks. 

Bagging sands and gravels

01. Bagging sands and gravels

Each year some four million bags of sand and gravel are bagged at our Son site. This is an enormous job, with the success of the operation depending on the preparation. We start out by carefully selecting the raw materials. When we have received them we use call-off planning for customer-specific bag planning. To guarantee compliance with the highest quality requirements, for some products or customers we first pass the raw materials through the sieve machine. Play sand, for example, is a product that may not contain any impurities. Finally, the sand or gravel is packed and transported to the required location – ready for use!

Parasol base tile

02. Production of parasol base tiles

Decor Son produces robust and high-quality strong parasol base tiles in-house. Sand, gravel and water are the basic raw materials for creating a strong concrete mix. This mix is poured into moulds before the moulds are transferred to the drying room. As soon as the drying process has finished the parasol base tiles are removed from the moulds. Then the parasol base tiles are packed and placed ready for transport. 

wall blocks

03. Production of wall blocks

Our wall blocks arrive as semi-manufactured products at one of our production sites. Natural granulate, one of the most important ingredients of these blocks, ensures the colours in the stone really stand out. After production the wall blocks undergo a drying process lasting two days. Then the blocks have 28 days to harden on the storage site. Drying and hardening is essential, as this enables the shears to cut the blocks perfectly straight and the cutter passes neatly through the granulate. This finally creates the beautiful colour tones in the wall blocks.

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Garden Elements Brands

Garden Elements supplies various brands, including Wood Flare. Supplying various brands means we are even better able to offer a range as comprehensive as possible that meets the consumers' needs. The Garden Elements division provides different brands, such as: Wood Flare, Ripstaal, Eurogravel, Hauraton, Multi Edge, etc. 


Wood Flare
Multi Edge

We strive for


We like to contribute to reversing climate change. This includes configuring the machines we use to bag the sands and gravels to emit as little carbon as possible. We also use packaging made from recyclable materials, and offer fireplace products bearing the FSC® quality mark, licensed as FSC-C110886.

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