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The Home Improvement division is all about converting, ‘greening’ and renovating. Building blocks, construction materials, insulating material and construction plates are all part of the product range of the Home Improvement division. A thorough analysis of the market and the provision of total concepts mean the Home Improvement team knows exactly what’s going on in the branche. They are also able to offer support in different ways, such as shelf planning, product information, product images, service instructions, etc.

Home Improvement
At Home Improvement our aim is to assist each consumer in carrying out his/her rebuilding and/or sustainability project. We offer a comprehensive and carefully selected range, and enjoy providing our purchasers with sound advice to ensure the best result. Can we help you to achieve your aims? We will be pleased to get in touch with you to discuss how we can achieve this together.
Nick Burgers
Sales Manager
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Cement and mortar

Building blocks

Construction materials


The first step towards a sustainable living environment!

Insulating material is one of the most important sustainable solutions currently available in the sector. The popularity of sustainable products is increasing, so to satisfy this market Decor has developed its own total concept: Iso de Luxe. In combination with proven high quality products such as Rockwool and Isover, Decor offers a solid range for any use of insulation. In our range you can find insulating materials such as mineral rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene plates and XPS plates, along with noise insulation, piping insulation and radiator foil. Decor also offers by-products such as vapour-tight foils, stripping blades and self-adhesive insulation pins.

Did you know?

One in three Dutch people are considering taking measures to make their home more sustainable through insulation.

concrete mortar

A complete range of construction materials under one brand name: Decor construction materials!

Cement and mortar mixes are the basis for a whole variety of building activities. Ready-to-use products that only still require mixing with clean mains water. Decor provides e-retailers and physical retailers with a carefully composed range of high-quality construction materials in 25kg packaging. This packaging is segmentated through colours and images, making it easily recognisable for consumers. In our range you can find products including construction materials such as cement, concrete mortar, turbo concrete, masonry mortar and sand cement.

Did you know?

Decor also offers by-products such as building gravel, masonry sand and construction steel meshes.

Cellen beton

Construction materials suitable for any conversion and/or renovation project!

Need to build a wall, erect an interior wall or simply create new spaces? We will be happy to provide the right construction materials. Decor provides e-retailers and physical retailers with a wide range of building blocks. From small materials such as bricks to large materials including sand-lime blocks and cellular concrete blocks. With shared properties such as good fire-resistance, fast processing options, noise-insulating characteristics and a deliberate choice for solid construction methods, these are the ideal construction products. In our range you can find construction materials such as building bricks, cellular concrete, glass blocks and sand-lime.

Did you know?

Decor also offers by-products such as concrete reinforcement, bee biters and various accessories for cellular concrete.


High-quality construction materials suitable for all stages of a construction project!

Starting to pour the foundations of a concrete floor, to renovate a wooden upper floor or simply install underfloor heating? Decor offers a full range of application-oriented products. Decor supplies e-retailers and physical retailers with a comprehensive range of construction materials. From reputable and traditional construction materials, to various innovations with which we put our customers one step ahead. Attractive and reliable, high-quality products for builders who know how to get the job done. Our range includes building materials such as Fermacell plates, Lewis dovetail sheeting and concrete reinforcement, construction sheeting and a comprehensive range of Eurocol tile application products.

Did you know?

Decor also offers products such as threshold stones, anchoring bars, edge strips and sealants.

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