Terms of Warranty

All our agreements are subject to our purchasing and conditions of sale as deposited under no. 17047964 at the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven. These can be requested from us at any time.


5 steps towards a 10-year warranty:

  1. Processing

Follow the processing instructions from Decor during application. You can see them on each item of packaging.

  1. Adhesion

Use Decor Primer for good adhesion. This primer has been specially selected by Decor and is applied with the spray bottle or a brush.

  1. Adhesives

Adhere the strips with the appropriate Decor Adhesive. You can choose between interior and exterior adhesive depending on the decorative wall covering selected. For an exterior adhesive you can choose a powder or paste version.

  1. Joints

For joints you can choose from different colours of Decor Joint Filler. Make your choice depending on your selected stone and application.

  1. Protection

You can finish your decorative wall covering outside or in damp spaces with Decor Protector for optimal protection.


Quality guarantee

Decor Son produces its decorative wall cladding in line with strict standards and with the highest quality imaginable. In order to be able to safeguard this quality, all decorative wall cladding is supplied in accordance with the Decor Son quality system. If processed according to the processing instructions and with use of all required Decor Son products you enjoy a 10-year warranty.

10 jaar garantie


Decor Son has been ISO-9001-certified since 2000.

ISO certificate