Decor Son is a dynamic manufacturing and wholesale firm that supplies over 3,000 different home and garden articles to its customers, including leading international retailers in the DIY sector. It also offers e-commerce solutions that include services like cross-docking, drop shipment, long tail distribution and other innovative options. Decor Son is a family business with over 40 years of experience and 150 employees.

Decor Son has been ISO 9001 certified since 2000.


The Witlox Family

Decor Son is a genuine family business that was founded by Nico Witlox (general director) and Corry Witlox (financial director). 


Decor Son is an international sales organisation that works together with many partners around the world. The Trade division focuses on the DIY sector and E-tailers in the Benelux, France, Italy and Germany, using a high-end brand policy. The product range includes over 3,000 items that are categorised in various sub-groupings.

Product ranges are always based on a particular concept in which two important elements – the product's application and processing capabilities – can always be identified in the DIY store.


Decor Son has its own merchandise department. In addition to devising displayplans for customers, this department also provides maintenance services as well as training programmes and advice. This advice can include the option of a smart product range system in which seasonal articles can be alternated.


Product marketing is an important component of Decor Son policy. A good example is the development of its own brands, as well as other product series, that are grouped according to category and can be sold or displayed according to clear conceptual lines.

Decor Son ensures that the packaging is modern in appearance and that products are presented in a consumer-friendly manner. Practical documentation in which the products are classified in sub-groups is also provided. You can view these documents here.


The distribution centre in Son forms the heart of the logistics organisation and takes up a large portion of the 100,000 m2 premises of Decor Son. A successful delivery score of over 97% is achieved in combination with the firm's own transport organisation.

Drop shipment

Decor Son has over 15 years of experience in the direct delivery of orders to customers.

When carrying out a delivery for a retail or e-tail organisation, the entire process is more or less fully automated. The customer can also request direct access to data if so required.


Various Decor Son products are offered online as part of a customer's ‘additional assortment’ when they simply cannot be fitted onto the shelf space in the store. So, while the product may not be directly available in the shop, a staff member can order the product online. As a result, our dealers do not have to place any limits whatsoever on the range of products available to their customers. The consumer can browse the entire product range online and order products at the shop.


The three Decor Son manufacturing facilities – two in Son and one in 's-Hertogenbosch – are responsible for the production and packaging of the various own brand and high-end items.

In Son, sand and gravel are processed and packaged for the consumer as well as classic decorative wallcovering products. The production in 's–Hertogenbosch focuses on large-size decorative wallcovering products and with a natural stone look. These products are exported to around 20 different countries.


Decor Son was established in 1973. In more than 40 years Decor Son has grown from a small firm with a staff of two into a multi-national enterprise with 150 employees. Much of the 40-year history of Decor Son has been extensively documented and photographed. See history